Send clean and dry laundry back to your bedroom

Returns your washed and dried clothes, bed linen and towels back to your bedroom at the touch of a button


Laundry Jet Return unit is the must have option for any home wanting to totally close the circle on Laundry transport to and from the laundry room.

Send clean and dried items back to the room most appropriate for receiving them. Especially useful if your bedrooms are upstairs and your laundry room is on a lower floor.

Typical Setup

Install any Laundry Jet system (Eco, Pro or Plus) in your Laundry room, install the Return Unit in the chosen bedroom, pipe in and enjoy dirty laundry delivery from bedrooms to laundry room and clean and dry laundry delivery from the laundry room back to the chosen bedroom.

How it works

When you turn on the port in the laundry room the Laundry Jet unit starts up and pulls air through the whole system which is now a loop.

Send the clean and dried items through the port and the Return Unit intercepts them in your chosen location.

The Return unit has the capacity of a large drier and is emptied via the front port hole door.

No additional power required. Fold, iron, and put away the clean and dry clothing